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Analysis of the current situation and development of personalized printing (4)

market acceptance and market exploration

although personalized printing has many advantages and the market also has demand, at present, many people still don't know much about personalized printing, and they need to help potential customers understand the powerful functions of personalized printing and cultivate the market. In addition, the market of personalized printing is not exactly the same as that of traditional offset printing. We need to actively explore customers, expand the market, and conduct customer training

the application of color desktop publishing system makes it possible for design to move from nobility to civilians, and personalized design, but personalized design alone is obviously not enough, because the traditional printing method can not personalize and make the normal design of the abetting light on the control box panel into a small batch of printed matter. The emergence of digital printing press has solved this problem

the current situation and problems of personalized printing in China

although there is no more accurate statistics on China's personalized printing market, as long as we simply calculate an account, we can find that the monthly income of production assistants with personality and attached large and small fields is also more than 2000 yuan, and the potential and attractive input-output ratio are exciting. Take Beijing as an example. In 1998, a total of 84000 couples married in Beijing. If one third of them wanted to make personalized invitations, each pair would use 50 pieces, with a total of 140000 pieces. According to the figure disclosed by an industry insider, each piece would earn a profit of 4 yuan. Only for the wedding invitation, the annual market capacity of personalized printing would be 7 million yuan, with a gross profit of 5.6 million yuan. Another example is that in 1998, there were nearly 10000 units of various types in Beijing. If half of them needed to print products or other promotional materials, the average printing volume would be 25million copies with an average of 50 copies per house and 10 pages per copy. According to the above-mentioned increase, the capacity of this market would be 125million yuan and the gross profit would be 100million yuan. For example, considering many other businesses, such as enterprise bidding documents, publishing house sample books, proofing, recipes, etc., the market capacity of personalized printing is unlimited

although most people in the industry are optimistic about the future of personalized printing, as a new form of printing, it has developed slowly in recent years. According to relevant data, more than 20 enterprises in China have engaged in on-demand printing, but the operation has not reached the optimal state, of which 1/3 is at a loss

in China, there are two obstacles to the inequality of related materials such as personalized printing fluid. One is that the personalized printing market has not yet formed, and the scale and demand are too small, which has not attracted enough attention; Second, the cost of engaging in personalized printing is too high. At the same time, taking into account the affordability of the enterprise, choose the equipment suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise; Under the personnel training, we should pay attention to the cultivation of high-quality talents and expand the team of personalized printing practitioners; We should strengthen the development of domestic consumables and reduce the cost of personalized printing

on the other hand, for a long time, due to the influence of the concept of performance printing, most people have formed a deep-rooted idea that printing reduces the business of doing large quantities, without knowing that the development of printing technology has already made personalized printing a reality. Of course, many people still don't realize that personalized printing is also a profit point. People who have the ability to engage in personalized printing cleaning, such as HP laser jet8500, only use them as auxiliary equipment, but don't expect to develop personalized printing business

with the launch of a series of affordable laser printers represented by HP products, the price barrier blocking the progress of personalized printing in China may be completely eliminated. Because in the current consumption level and market environment, large-scale digital printing equipment is still out of reach for most Chinese people because of its high price. Based on this understanding, HP developed HP laser jet 8500 series printers. According to a Beijing printing service company that has made some achievements in personalized printing with this machine, this equipment is relatively close to the digital printing machine in terms of speed, format, accuracy and so on. Moreover, it also has a prominent advantage that it is cheap, and the whole set of configuration is less than 80000. The investment in printing should be suitable for personalized printing

with the continuous maturity of personalized printing technology, its application range will also be wider and wider, which also represents the future printing direction. Its potential market will become a new development space for printing enterprises. 3. Photoelectric encoder 4 quadrant collection realized by high-speed processor

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