Export of kr125m multi-functional rotary drilling

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Taixin machinery kr125m multi-functional rotary drilling rig exported to Laos

Taixin machinery kr125m multi-functional rotary drilling rig exported to Laos

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Taixin machinery has always won the trust of customers with excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service. In May, another kr125m multi-functional rotary drilling rig from Taixin went to Laos to make contributions to the industrial and civil construction market in Laos

kr125m self-propelled full hydraulic long auger drill realizes rapid movement and efficient construction; The high-performance hydraulic system and control system developed by the company realize the efficient construction and real-time monitoring of the drilling rig; The design shall be in strict accordance with the EU safety standard en16228 to meet the dynamic and static stability requirements and ensure the construction safety. The maximum drilling depth of long auger is 16m, and the maximum drilling diameter is 800mm. For the construction of rotary drilling rig, the maximum drilling depth is 37m, and the maximum drilling diameter is 1300mm

kr125m port to be shipped

kr125m drilling rig arrives at the construction site in Laos

kr125m drilling rig is praised by customers

Jiangsu Taixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is the only national high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of small and medium-sized pile machinery. Taixin machinery fine chemical sector continues to promote the research and development of Kr series small rotary drilling rigs that replace imported products. It has been exported to Australia, Russia, Thailand Argentina, Zambia and other countries. This series of products has obtained more than 40 patents. The whole series of products have passed the EU CE certification and provided objective evidence. Small rotary drilling rigs are suitable for various projects of industrial and civil construction and urbanization construction because of their advantages of high construction efficiency, low transportation cost and reliable performance. In the future, they will play an increasingly important role in the following three types of subway, high-rise, residential and water conservancy reactions: facility construction and other construction fields. The small rotary drilling rig series will become the preferred product for pile foundation construction in improving building quality in the construction of "new urbanization" in China

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