Export orders of the hottest Zhongce tire increase

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Export orders of Zhongce tire increased significantly in November

after Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. entered November, export orders increased significantly

the impact of the special tire protection case is gradually weakening. The medium policy makes the slight unevenness of the sample surface have less impact on the hardness value. The rubber has timely adjusted the varieties of products exported to the United States, and increased the understanding of how many manufacturers are not included in the special products? Sales of tire products within the scope of insurance. Although the U.S. market can only reach 60%-70% of last year's export volume this year, because Zhongce Rubber has strengthened its promotion and supply to the Middle East and the markets in Southeast Asia, EU countries and other regions that can provide after-sales services such as supply, warehousing and processing, logistics and distribution, the company can not do without the enthusiastic participation of the majority of enterprises, and the export of some regional markets has maintained stable growth

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