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Express delivery of exhibits in rubber and Plastics Exhibition: shell grandly launched a new process oil

to be held at the "China plas 2013 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition" (the 27th China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition) in the China Import and Export Commodities Fair Pavilion in Pazhou, Guangzhou, China from May 20 to 23, 2013, Shell will grandly launch the new lisel (risel red phosphorus flame retardant material volume 1 is a kind of process oil that is easy to oxidize and release harmful and highly toxic gas LA) x, as well as a series of plant equipment maintenance oils such as Tellus hydraulic oil, Omala industrial gear oil and Gadus grease, which are widely recognized in the rubber and plastic industry

it is reported that the high purity and other excellent properties of risella x, a process oil of shell GTL technology, can replace the traditional process oil and even synthetic hydrocarbon products. Its excellent performance not only brings customers more purchasing options, but also makes it possible for them to innovate and upgrade their products. The product has been successfully applied to plastic rubber, chemical fiber oil, optical fiber and cable fillers, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries in just two years. Shell's full range of plant equipment maintenance oils, embodying years of research and development experience of shell, have remarkable advantages such as excellent anti-wear properties, extended service life and improved system efficiency, and are widely used worldwide. It is reported that one out of every seven barrels of hydraulic oil used in the world is shell Tellus series hydraulic oil. The top-level shell Tellus s4me advanced synthetic hydraulic oil in this series of products has a service life four times that of ordinary hydraulic oil, and can comprehensively improve the system energy efficiency by 6.4%

shell Tellus series hydraulic oil

in addition, among the exhibits, shell Omala series industrial gear oil is an ideal choice for equipment users and managers. In particular, Omala s4gx gear oil is shell's best-selling synthetic industrial gear oil. It has excellent low-temperature fluidity and long service life. It can reduce the friction coefficient by 35% and the wear by up to 90%. The full range of shell Gadus greases can simplify the product inventory. They are special greases (including advanced polyurea based synthetic products) and a series of open gear greases specially designed for the most severe extreme temperatures and long service life applications

shell is one of the world's top 500 international energy and chemical groups. It has been the world's largest supplier of finished lubricants for six consecutive years, accounting for about 13% of global sales. It is also China's largest international lubricant supplier. The business in China includes the development and LNG business where upstream oil and gas failure is unavoidable, the downstream oil and chemical business, and the project and Technology Department (Shell Global Solutions department and coal gasification business). It is one of the largest international energy companies investing in China

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