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Yokogawa electric (Malaysia) Sdn. BHD., its subsidiary yokoga5, has completed the first Australian LNG carrier life extension project to replace the integrated control system (IAS) for the loading and mechanical parts of LNG carriers

operation monitoring screen inside the ship

Yokogawa electric also announced that it had obtained a new order to carry out a similar system update for the sister ship of the transport ship

about the project of extending the service life

the project of extending the service life was funded by igtc: International Gas Transportation Company Limited, which upgraded the hull and onboard facilities of the ng transport ship whose patients in this study were all spinal malignant lesions, so as to ensure sustainable and safe operation in the future

Yokogawa electric task overview: replace the integrated control system (IAS) for the loading of LNG carrier and the mechanical operation including boiler control. The tasks include engineering design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning services of CENTUM VP integrated production control system

project scope: IGTC plans to upgrade all 6 ships in its LNG transport fleet

about LNG carrier

northwest Sanderling (completion of the service life extension project)

2008, Yokogawa electric accepted an order to update IAS for the LNG carrier to monitor and control the loading and mechanical parts (boiler, power and natural gas compressor). Yokogawa electric started installation in 2009 and completed all work including foundation test in only 75 days

for more information, please refer to relevant reports, the Australian LNG carrier life extension project

northwest snipe (new order) adjusted the level of the experimental machine

new order was obtained in November 2009. In addition to the contents of the first project, the loading emergency shutdown system is also added

Yokogawa electric obtained this order mainly because of its highly competent engineering ability, reliable products and the timely and smooth completion of the first project

according to the internal investigation of Yokogawa electric, in the LNG related control system market, the control system of LNG liquefaction plant accounts for 22% of the market share, and the LNG receiving terminal accounts for 53%. So far, Yokogawa Electric has received 44 orders for LNG carriers

due to the current economic downturn, the global control system market is depressed, but the Australian LNG market is worth looking forward to. In addition, there are many projects in progress in which plastic recycling granulator reprocesses waste plastics from ordinary life into plastic raw materials required by the enterprise. Encouraged by this new order, Yokogawa Electric will try its best to expand the global LNG business

about Yokogawa

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. has 19 manufacturing plants and 85 companies, covering 40 countries and regions around the world. Since its establishment in 1915, Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd., with an annual turnover of US $4billion, has been committed to the research and innovation of cutting-edge technologies, with a total of 8000 inventions and registered products, including the world's first digital sensor for flow and pressure measurement. The company has developed its core businesses around the world, including industrial automation and control, testing and measurement, information systems and industrial support. For more information, please login

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