Japanese home design is natural and quiet

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The houses of Japanese architecture are mostly made of wood, and the most intuitive feeling is to be close to nature. Up to now, the design of Japanese style houses is still calm and personalized. Through the decoration of internal design, more and more people give full play to and enjoy the fun of Hefeng home in the form of their own preferences. Such influence has also permeated other parts of Asia. In China, many young people also like Japanese style for its simplicity and natural feeling. Small family houses can also reflect the Japanese style through the layout of details and the transformation of furniture. Tatami is one of the indispensable furniture in Japanese style. It is elegant and simple. In addition to beauty, tatami has other effective functions for human body

strong sense of geometry, clear lines in the design, simple and clear

Japanese style home furnishings and tea sets are essential. Japanese people like to drink tea and taste tea, reflecting a leisurely and casual lifestyle





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