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The small broken flowers with gentle and elegant performance style and elegant arrangement give people a relaxed and casual comfort at a glance. The soft rural style presents a relaxed and warm tone. It is a popular and popular decor in wallpaper styles. The applicable space is mainly the bedroom. The light and soft visual feeling helps to create a comfortable and high-quality sleeping environment. However, the living room that needs to show large objects is less suitable for fragmentary wallpaper with sketch image. 539) {this.r...

performance style

light and elegant, well arranged small broken flowers give people a relaxed and casual comfort at a glance. The soft rural style presents a relaxed and warm tone, which is a popular and popular decor in the wallpaper style.

applicable space

mainly focuses on the bedroom, and the light and soft visual feeling helps to create a comfortable and high-quality sleep environment. However, the living room that needs to show great things is more comfortable Broken flower wallpaper that is not suitable for sketch image

539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} "Border=0> floral wallpaper is suitable for bedroom

matching key

single wall or two wall stickers, which do not need to be fully pasted in the whole room, and can be mixed and matched with straight-line striped curtains or wallpaper. In furniture matching, bedding in rural style pattern style, or log colored furniture, can best reflect the integration of the whole.

%26#10047; [geometric pattern wallpaper]

performance style

non ostentatious, low-key and calm general style. The pattern adopts the technique of large circles with small circles, presenting a gentle sense of order, and the circular lines have a slightly convex luster texture; Make the wall surface produce faint light and dark rhythm under different light angles

applicable space

the color of the pattern is calm and stable, and the texture is noble and generous, but not gorgeous. Therefore, it is very suitable for the living room and dining room that need to show great things, or the bedroom and study that need to be quiet and elegant

539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} "Border=0 resized=" true "> wallpaper with regular geometric patterns should be widely used in the living room, dining room, study and bedroom.

matching tips

due to the dense arrangement of small circle patterns, furniture lines should not be complicated. It should be matched with simple, neat and pure color furniture, which can best have a consistent sense of integrity with common style or more modern home furnishings.

%26#10047; [stripe pattern wallpaper]

performance style

simple straight stripes are designed in light colors, combined with simple traditional paper. In terms of style, color and texture, they show a mild, refreshing and comfortable feeling of home, which also meets the requirements of spatial mixing and matching techniques that need to blur the background

applicable space

neutral striped Decor wallpaper can be shown as a whole in the living room, and it is easy to ease the vision in the bedroom. In particular, modern home spaces are mostly open scenes, extending from the living room, dining room to the kitchen. The simple tone of stripes can help the whole space achieve the continuation of style

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wallpaper with stripes and colors can be generous in the living room and easy to ease the vision in the bedroom.

key to collocation

lines are matched with household decoration fabrics with flowers, grass, checkered patterns and other patterns to achieve harmony in mixing and matching. Simple color lines and local walls can frame all different elements in the space, and the wallpaper itself becomes an inconspicuous and simple background color in the space.

%26 #10047; [belt wallpaper]

performance style

the long belt walking horizontally around the waist on the wall can provide decorative decorations for the plain and elegant space and become the visual focus. Hand painted simple and cute continuous patterns, with pink, sweet and soft, candy like color system as the mainstream

applicable space

it is recommended to be used in children, study and bedroom, which can add a naive and romantic sense of liveliness and variability to the children's reading or rest space. The height of the belt on the wall can depend on the children's height or space furnishings

539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} "Border=0 resized=" true "> the use of belt wallpaper makes the children's room more naive and lively.

matching tips

the color and pattern of the wallpaper itself depends on the children's gender, age and preferences. Pink and pink purple are suitable for young girls, while little boys mostly use water blue tones. As long as the color of furniture is the same as the wallpaper, it is easy to match.

%2610047; [natural material wallpaper]

performance style

the wallpaper, which is made of natural pine branches and molded into veins, has a non-standard, natural style, uses texture to express elegant and low-key luxury, and integrates the wallpaper into the space as an art

applicable space

is mainly displayed on the main wall of the living room or dining room, and can also be used in the porch. The special material is elegant and generous, not abrupt, but it can become a visual gathering point, set off the taste of furniture and space owners, and strengthen the overall atmosphere

539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} "Border=0 resized=" true "> wallpaper made of natural materials can also be used in the main wall of the living room or dining room, as well as in the porch.

matching tips

although the wall material is natural, it can reflect each other and create a situation and atmosphere when paired with retro, exquisite and gorgeous home decorations, whether European style or a mixture of Chinese and Western styles, especially with artdeco and neoclassical furniture with oriental elegance.

%26 10047; [gold and silver wallpaper]

performance style

the cool tone of metallic luster, simple and luxurious, shiny and noble texture, mixed with plain paper, adds a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense to the space wall

applicable space

used in a clean and simple space, it is mainly used on the main wall of the living room, because whether it is the gorgeous retro gold department or the cool avant-garde silver department, it is noble, and it is most suitable for local decoration in the elegant living room

539) {this.resized=true; this.width=539;} "Border=0> noble metal wallpaper is most suitable for the theme wall of the living room.

collocation key

the cold tone of silver and the postmodern style are very match, but the choice of home decoration can be applied with the method of mixing and matching. Some Oriental retro furniture can be integrated in the simple background, but attention must be paid to the matching of proportion. In order to achieve the best visual level effect, the silver gloss must be changed in the installation position and angle of indoor lighting.

%26#10047; Tips

generally, the wall treatment is a necessary procedure before pasting wallpaper. In construction, if the selected wallpaper is relatively thick or three-dimensional, because it can hide the defects of the wall, the flatness requirements of the wall are not so high; If the wallpaper is thinner, especially the traditional standard paper wallpaper, the wall surface needs to be treated carefully first





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