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Decoration contract is an important agreement to protect the rights and interests of owners. Therefore, before choosing a decoration company, making a deposit, and starting construction, the owner must first implement a decoration contract that can effectively protect himself

many consumers will think that they can only comply with the contract provided by the decoration company. In fact, it is not. You can ask the decoration company to modify the terms. If it does not meet the needs of the owner, you can consider choosing other decoration companies

it is not easy for many owners to review the contract terms. Because I don't know about decoration, I don't know which terms are important and how to set them up according to industry rules. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, when signing the contract, the owner can keep an eye on several terms

I. payment terms: payment should be made in stages and the balance should be left.

decoration payment is the most important means to restrict the decoration company. Many decoration companies require the owner to make a deposit at the beginning, or pay a large part of the money. The owner thinks that he can't start work without money, so he can only agree. In the long run, it is easy to lead to the halfway of the decoration, and the owner has already paid most of the money. And if there is a dispute at this time, it is difficult to call the decoration company, and even some irregular decoration guerrillas may leave, making it even more difficult for the owners to safeguard their rights

there should be clear phased payment terms in the contract. Ni Ankui, President of Guangzhou Building Decoration Industry Association, said that it was understandable that the owner paid a deposit when signing the contract. However, it is not necessary to pay a large amount of project funds first, such as concealed works, base materials, etc. you can ask the decoration company to pay in advance, and then pay after acceptance. General industry regulations are divided into several stages: when the contract is signed, 5% of the payment will be paid; 30% of the payment shall be paid after the mobilization and acceptance of materials; If the concealed works pass the acceptance, 30% of the payment will be paid; 30% of the payment shall be paid after the completion and acceptance of the project; The last 5% will be paid if there is no problem within 1-3 months after decoration

of course, the payment terms can be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the owner and the decoration company. However, the premise is that the payment must be made in stages, and it is best to pay after completing one stage of construction

II. Additional items: it cannot exceed 5%-10% of the agreed total price

low quotation leads consumers into the market, and the process continues to increase items, resulting in a significant increase in the final cost& mdash;& mdash; This is almost the unspoken rule of most non-standard decoration companies, that is, to make money by using decoration additions

many owners are not familiar with decoration. When choosing decoration companies, quotation is another important reference standard. Therefore, non-standard decoration companies prefer to take this as the starting point. Therefore, in the decoration contract, there should be an additional clause: the total decoration price should not exceed 5%-10% of the contract, so as to ensure that the final cost will not be too unreasonable

however, the Tao is one foot higher than the devil. Most of the decoration contracts have additional items, which makes the owners feel relieved. However, another sentence is often followed by this clause, except for the items that the owner requires to be added, which also opens the door to trickiness. At the beginning, the items quoted by the decoration company should be minimized. For example, only two sockets are quoted in the living room. However, the actual living needs are certainly not enough. With the kind reminder of the decoration company, the owner had to take the initiative to add items. Therefore, in addition to the additional items, a reasonable quotation is also an important guarantee for standardizing the total price

III. acceptance terms: before the concealed works are covered, they must be accepted in person.

phased acceptance is a necessary process for formal decoration construction projects. This is not only the obligation of the decoration company, but also the right and obligation of the owner himself. For example, if the owner does not accept the materials when entering the site, the non-standard decoration company may be shoddy. If the material is used in a hidden place, it will be imperceptible. If it is used in a conspicuous place, such as ceramic tiles, wood floors, etc., once the owner finds it fishy, it will be troublesome to replace the materials that have been constructed

therefore, the stage and time of acceptance should be specified in the contract. For example, the construction contract for Guangzhou residential interior decoration project (sf-2014-0201) stipulates that Party B (decoration company) shall notify Party A (owner) 2 days in advance of the concealed works for acceptance, and both parties shall sign for confirmation after the stage acceptance is qualified. If Party A fails to accept within 2 days, Party B may conceal after self inspection and truthfully fill in the acceptance form, which shall be recognized by Party A

it is suggested that there are three important nodes to focus on: first, when materials enter the site, the owner must accept whether the materials are consistent with the contract. Secondly, before the concealed works such as water and electricity are covered, the owner must go to the site for acceptance, take photos, and accept according to the drawings. Finally, after the decoration, the owner should do a full body examination for the house and pay the balance after the acceptance. Of course, if possible, the owner should go to the site to supervise and ensure that the construction is carried out in accordance with the standard process. Of course, acceptance is a professional technical work. If the owner doesn't understand it, he can also turn to the third-party supervision and inspection institution





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